the sun had aris in arkansas  ♦  icarus plagued by delight  ♦  julia dream you were not conjured  ♦  oklahoma arising from darkness  ♦  a cow of colorful hues (for kevin)  ♦  absurdity  ♦  baltimore tableau  ♦  this poem is a longhauler rocketing through the night  ♦  ain't love grand  ♦  lover into whom i spill (for amy)  ♦  awake, awake & face the day!  ♦  infinite shades of fleshtone  ♦  photographer  ♦  the last fish to crawl onto the land & breathe  ♦  what the moon said  ♦  the greyhound  ♦  the deepest part of you (for nancy)  ♦  yuletide contemplation  ♦