writer(s):anonymous & as cited

treasurer:lilith dillon
“don’t weep for me, angel roy in heaven...remember, oranges don’t leave bruises.”
charge nurse:mildred ratched, r.n.
“billy, how do you think your mother would feel if she found out you’d been looking at trashy websites?”
minister of
sean spicer
“this is the wickedest bitchin’ site of this or any epoch—including the phanerozoic—PERIOD.”
editor-in-chief:raul (“el perro”)
i despise sloppy typesetting as much as i despise cats. now get me that revised copy...stat!”

censor omega class:winston smith
photo not available at this time
jeff trudell
wanted in 17 states & 3 canadian provinces for manufacture & distribution of phonemes with wanton intent to influence opinions.